When it comes to the Instagram influencer market, millions if not billions are being spent when it comes to sponsored content. Instagram has established itself as a viable and vibrant market. Users and brands are looking for how they can get the edge and reach a greater number of followers within the same niche market. This has greatly pushed the matter of sponsored content. Instagram sponsored content comes mainly in two forms: photos and videos. In this post, we will break them down and also give a comparison of both.

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An Instagram sponsored photo or video

In exchange for some compensation, an Instagram influencer will post content on their own account promoting the use of another company’s service, goods, or products. Instagram influencers are a big play in the current marketing world since they can heavily determine how a product will be perceived by the target group.

Instagram has made it easy to identify a sponsored photo or video. Sponsored posts will be pinned with a “paid partnership with (brand/company name)” tag. It will be the first comment immediately under the account name.


Since this is a transaction between the Instagram influencer and the brand, Instagram has granted the brand/company certain rights. They will be able to view insights into the particular sponsored video or photo. This will also include analytical metrics, both reach, and engagement. This level of transparency allows for the brand to critically analyze the partnership and whether it is beneficial to them.

Liabilities and Penalties

Believe it or not, you can be liable to pay potential fines if you don’t disclose any sponsored posts on Instagram. The Federal Trade Commission has been on a mission to crack down rogue influencers and undisclosed sponsored content. Both the brand and the influencer will be banned.

Keep yourself in the good graces of both, Instagram and the FTC.

Which is better?

Well, in the end, it will be determined with the intention of your message. Photos are more efficient tools of communication when it comes to passing along a message. And it doesn’t rely on sound. Videos, on the other hand, are better when it comes to branding and promoting a new business campaign. Also, sponsored videos allow the user to use metrics and other analytics.

In social media marketing, influencer marketing is a force to be reckoned with. The budget might be an issue but you can always start small. You can consider reaching out to “micro-influencers” if you are on a tighter budget. If their followers are your target audience, the impact on your sales could be huge.

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