These are extremely testing and strange times. Almost the entire world has frozen because of the international lockdown imposed by governments all around the world because of the outbreak of the coronavirus. Indeed, one of the most adversely affected industries has been the transport and logistics industry. This is one industry that is supposed to be producing a good chunk of the GDP normally, however, its inability to function has really caused even the major developed countries of the world to suffer greatly and severely. Airlines throughout the world have also been forced to shut down operations. In fact, other than some special cargo and passenger flights, very little air travel is taking place. The airlines that have not gone bankrupt have managed to stay up only by using the liquidation strategy.  If you’ll look at Fort Lauderdale airport parking that is often known for being full all the time you’ll see that it is actually empty nowadays. This is primarily because of the lockdown and how it has restricted people to their homes. Many staff members have been laid off and some airplanes have also been sold to keep the business at bay.

The lockdown has really doomed different businesses completely and is likely to have a long-lasting impact on each and every country’s economy. This economic distress is not only faced in underdeveloped and developing countries, rather in more developed countries as well. An example of this is the USA. Even in places where the lockdown has eased to some extent, people are still afraid to move from one place to another and find comfort in staying put at home unless they have some serious issues to attend to.

Fort Lauderdale has been severely affected by the coronavirus outbreak. It has seen thousands of cases and there are little encouraging signs of the virus diminishing anytime soon. This is one of the reasons why Florida was put into strict lockdown and because of this major places like public transport hubs had to shut down. The Fort Lauderdale Airport, for instance, was only open for some emergency travel. Important medical equipment like gloves and N95 masks were transported to the city via the airport. Other than that, there was no real action taking place at the airport. As far as the staff are concerned, a major chunk of the staff was also laid off because of the financial constraints being faced by the airport. The depressing state of the airport is really a sad state of affairs because otherwise, the airport would remain full of people and cars.

No air travel means that there are no customers and so the airport staff has nothing to do. The staff that would otherwise remain busy in catering to different customers and handling their complaints as well as accommodating them to the airplanes is now mostly waiting for something to happen or otherwise spend most of the time cleaning and maintaining different parts of the airport more regularly.


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