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When you are writing a program it is important to assure you clean and effective work and therefore you need proper text editors to get your work. Although there are some general options available for text-editing like MS word and notepad, these text editors aren’t always satisfactory for web development.

Working on these generic text-editors can sometimes be very complex and can arise various problems for the developers, hence, making the programming difficult. Generic text-editors can sure get your work done but are not as efficient and reliable as serious web developers need them to be. Working on traditional text editors can be complicated as these conventional text-editors like notepad or MS word doesn’t provide a clean text file. These text editors have different text styles and formatting options which makes generating codes difficult.

Advanced text editors reduce these difficulties and provide the efficiency that a developer needs. Morden day text editors are loaded with a number of features that would not only help the user in writing the program but would also benefit to find out the bugs and errors, making the work easier.

Choosing the right text editors is very crucial and that too with various options available on the Internet. So here is the list of the best text editors available for web development:

Sublime Text 3

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Fast processing, interactive UI and availability on all three major desktop platforms are just some of the highlights that make Sublime Text 3 one of the best text editors. Regardless of being lightweight Sublime text 3 doesn’t compromise with its features. Switching between multiple tabs and folders is smooth and allows working on the project easier.

Sublime Text 3 also provides various features like customizable appearance and optimization with operating systems makes it one of the most famous codes text editors. Sublime 3 available for Windows, Linux and Mac and is free for trial use and $80 for the single license


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Another great text-editor with simple UI and excellent characteristics. Developed by Adobe, the elegance, and perfect design is visible in Brackets. The simple design and smooth working are the key features that make Brackets one of the best text editors available today. All the major technologies like HTML, java, c++ etc. Can be done smoothly on this text editor.

Other exceptional features like extract tool and live preview are the reason behind its increasing popularity. Brackets is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac and is free to use.

VS code

Visual studio code is a powerful and helpful text editor created by Microsoft with many exciting features like inbuilt debugger, syntax highlighting, multiple languages, auto indentation etc. VS code is a text editor with simple design and works efficiently with least lagging on every operating system it is available for.

VS code is a customizable text editor and really effective for generating codes and its available for Windows, Linux and Mac platform and is free to use.


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Atom is one of the most promising text editors because of all obvious reasons. Created by GitHub, Atom not just provides a nice programm experience but also quite interesting features. He allows you to customize various open source packages which makes it great and opens a lot of customization options. The UI is nice and easy to use which provides smooth and reliable text editing. Atom is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac and is free to use


But it is unambiguous to say which text editor is the best – difficult, our friends from offshore software development company Onix-Systems have more than 50 programmers in different directions, and each of them chose a text editor that matches their needs.

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